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The Plasma Netbook workspace at a glance
The Plasma Netbook workspace at a glance

If you use a small, portable device such as a netbook, then Plasma Netbook is the KDE Workspace for you as it was built specifically for those kinds of devices. Its user interface that has been custom tailored to the usage patterns associated with these kinds of devices and can therefore help you get the most out of your portable devices.

Search and run applications easily

Plasma Netbook's Search and Launch, or "SAL", interface provides convenient access to all of your applications in a beautiful and elegant presentation. You can browse the application catalog or enter a search term, giving you quick access to everything on your computer. You can add as many of you favorite applications and bookmarks as you like to the shortcut bar and all of your applications will start maximized, adjusted for the small screens of netbooks. SAL is not limited to applications, either: it can search your email, your contacts, and even popular web sites such as Wikipedia.

With SAL, access to your information is easy and intuitive.

Rich Internet experience

Netbooks are great for accessing web applications on the go, and Plasma Netbook provides the tools for a complete online experience. Quick access to popular web services such as microblogging, social networking and more are always within reach of your fingertips and web applications can be added to the Search And Launch interface alongside locally installed applications. Whatever content you need, Plasma Netbook allows you to get to it easily and without delay.

Organizing your space

Plasma Netbook also allows you to organize your computer the way you want. Plasma Netbook comes pre-configured with a selection of useful widgets ready to be used, but you are not limited to those defaults: you can adjust the workspace to suit your needs and preferences by adding and customizing pages of widgets using drag-and-drop. With thousands of widgets available and no limit to the number of widget pages you can have, your Plasma Netbook workspace can come alive with information, tools and entertainment customized for you.

Widget pages
Widget pages

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