KDE 3.5 series Screenshots

Here are some screenshots showing the powerful K Desktop Environment version 3.5, a free desktop environment for Unix. (KDE 3.5.4 announcement)

The world of KDE has expanded far beyond the "official base" set. It now includes office, creativity, communication and many other free and commercial applications. A goal of this screen shot series is to show how closely one can attune KDE by adding only a few of the many of add-on software and customizations available for KDE.

This collection is trying to tell a story of KDE from a user's point of view. Hence, the featured desktop was expanded to include some freely available, KDE-based applications that do not come with "official base" KDE set. Visit KDE Family page to find other exciting KDE applications and places.

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All these screenshots are available in a "ready-for-presentation" PDF file.

Window transparencies with X composite extension.

KDE runs smoothly even on slow computers

Kicker: our taskbar

Is it a web browser? Is it a file brower? Yes! But, we just call it Konqueror.

KIO Plugins - a bunch of magic potions for Konqueror's location entry field.

Konqueror? Wearing Midnight Commander - like dress?

Which of the image preview methods appeals to you most?

Konqueror has thumbnails and preview for video too.

Kmail - the "little" email client that can.

Kaddressbook, the KDE's contact management application.

You can use your MSN Messenger account (and many more) with Kopete

Korganizer - KDE's scheduling and task management application.

Kalarm a simple solution for complex time-keeping needs.

aKregator - taking "managing" out of "reading" RSS (Blog) feeds.

Ktorrent and KGet make downloading stuff from the Internet easy.

With KDE Desktop Sharing you can receive help from and give help to your remote friend.

Wondered if KDE is ready for VoIP? The answer is a definite "Yes."

Still feel the urge to punch commands in a terminal? KDE offers Konsole and Yakuake

Here is what happens when music player, camera, or USB memory stick is plugged into the computer.

Getting your pictures out of your camera became easy with Digikam.

Digikam is a very powerful photo management application.

KDE keeps you in control of your media all the way from Open, to view/edit, to Save windows.

The KDE print system - You are not the only one who didn't expect it to be so advanced.

Faster than a speeding electron, it is Kpdf - KDE's pdf viewer, digger, presentation conjurer.

K3B - application that defines the "leading edge" for CD and DVD burning on the open source desktop.

KDE strives to make you productive in everything you do, even if that thing is "to be UNproductive"

Juk - Do you know a simpler way to manage and listen to your music files collection?.

If you want a full featured audio player, Amarok is all you need!

Kaffeine - the "yeah! I can play that too," slick and powerful media player.

Create your visual application without any knowledge of a programming language with Kommander

Time to put vim to pasture? Meet the not so simple text editors Kate and KWrite.

Quanta Plus - "What You See Is What You Get" web editor.

Customize and configure your KDE system to fit your desires with KDE's Control Center

KDE 3.5 is available in 63

Beware: With SuperKaramba, even the strongest will fall to desktop applet addiction.

KDE can be as austere or as eye-candy as you want.

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