The K Desktop Environment 

The K Desktop Environment


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The K Desktop Environment

What is KDE?

What is the KDE Project?

Why KDE? Shortcomings of the traditional X11 desktop:

KDE - The Userís View

The Current KDE Distribution:

KDE Network Transparency

KDE History

KDE Facts and Figures

KDE Project Management

KDE Development Model

KDE Philosophy and Core Tenants

KDE Internationalization

KDE - Developerís View

KDE Application Framework

KDE KOM/OpenParts

KDE OpenParts

Component Selection Process

CORBA 2.0 Object Request Broker

Servers & Factories

KOM Events

KOM Event-Channel

Signals & Slots

KOM Components & Plugins

Open Parts - Controls


Serialization of Compound-Docs

KOffice KOM/Openparts based office application suite.

KOffice Components

The Future of KDE

KDE Ships!

How to join KDE:

How to Contact KDE

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Last updated on 10 December 1998.
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