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Randa Meetings are annual KDE development sprints that have typically been dedicated to bringing our technology to different operating systems and form factors. This year, Randa Meetings are all about accessibility. But what do we mean by that?

At KDE, we understand technology is not always easy, and different conditions and abilities make our software harder to use. As we want Free Software to be universal, we must strive to put KDE apps into everybody's hands, including yours.

We want to focus on things that tend to fall by the wayside; problems that are annoying, but not for everyone.

How are we doing that?

During Randa Meetings 2017, we will gather in the quietness of the Swiss mountains and push several different projects in that direction. David Edmundson, for example, plans to spend his time on improving navigation on Plasma for those who prefer to use a keyboard over a mouse. This will help users with reduced mobility that find moving a mouse cumbersome. And Adriaan de Groot will be working on Calamares, an application that helps install operating systems. Adriaan will make Calamares more accessible to visually impaired users by improving integration with the Orca screenreader.

Apart from the two projects mentioned above, we will also have developers from GCompris, Kdenlive, Kubuntu, KMyMoney, Kontact, Kube, Atelier, KDEEdu, digiKam, WikiToLearn, and Krita, all working together, solving the most annoying accessibility issues.

About KDE

As one of the biggest Free Software communities in the world, KDE has been delivering high-quality technology and spreading the principles of hacker culture for nearly two decades. KDE brings together users, developers, maintainers, translators and many more contributors from across six continents and over fifty countries, all of them working with the bonds and spirits of a truthful community.

KDE has a vision:

A world in which everyone has control over their digital life and enjoys freedom and privacy.

To make Randa Meetings 2017 possible, we need your help. Please donate so we can make KDE more accessible for everyone.

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