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KDE Press Room

Get in touch with KDE's Press Room at press@kde.org

The people working in KDE's Press Room can help you or your media organisation arrange an interview with KDE developers and contributors, obtain further information about projects and people within KDE, and officially contact the KDE Project. We can also provide you with statements, stories, quotes, graphical material and videos for your outlet.

Unfortunately we cannot provide you with technical support, but we know who can:

  • If you have problems with the KDE.org website, e-mail webmaster@kde.org.
  • If you need technical support, get in touch with your operating system vendor or subscribe to one of our mailing lists and ask there. You can also check our forums for help.
  • If you are a lawyer and need contact information as required by German law, go to the Imprint (German Impressum).

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