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Artikulate Artikulate
Pronunciation Trainer

Blinken Blinken
Memory Enhancement Game

Cantor Cantor
KDE Frontend to Mathematical Software

GCompris GCompris
Educational suite

KAlgebra KAlgebra
Graph Calculator

Kalzium Kalzium
Periodic Table of Elements

Kanagram Kanagram
Letter Order Game

KBruch KBruch
Exercise Fractions

KGeography KGeography
Geography Trainer

KHangMan KHangMan
Hangman Game

Kig Kig
Interactive Geometry

Kiten Kiten
Japanese Reference/Study Tool

KLettres KLettres
Learn The Alphabet

KmPlot KmPlot
Mathematical Function Plotter

Kst Kst
Data Viewer

KStars KStars
Desktop Planetarium

KTouch KTouch
Touch Typing Tutor

KTurtle KTurtle
Educational Programming Environment

KWordQuiz KWordQuiz
Flash Card Trainer

LabPlot LabPlot
Scientific Data Plotter

Marble Marble
Virtual Globe

Minuet Minuet
Music Education Software

Parley Parley
Vocabulary Trainer

Rocs Rocs
Rocs Graph Theory

Step Step
Interactive Physical Simulator

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