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Dolphin Dolphin
File Manager

KAppfinder KAppfinder
Menu Updating Tool

katimon katimon
ATI Graphics Card monitor and overclocking GUI.

KDE Partition Manager KDE Partition Manager
Partition Editor

KDiskFree KDiskFree
View Disk Usage

KInfoCenter KInfoCenter
Info Center

Kiosk Admin Tool Kiosk Admin Tool
Kiosk Framework Administration

Konsole Konsole

Krfb Krfb
Desktop Sharing

KSystemLog KSystemLog
System Log Viewer

KUser KUser
User Manager

KWalletManager KWalletManager
Wallet Management Tool

Printer Applet Printer Applet
System tray icon for managing print jobs

Yakuake Yakuake
Drop-down Terminal

Third-Party Applications

KEncFS is a gui frontend for encfs. With KEncFS you can easily create, mount, umount and delete your encrypted filesystem. Use of KEncFS is very simple: to create a new encrypted filesystem you mus ...
wacom tabletwacom tablet
KDE 4 KCModule This module implements a GUI for the Wacom Linux Drivers and extends it with profile support to handle different button / pen layouts per profile. For hardware support have a loo ...
Fn-Key monitoring for Toshiba laptops ====================================== Please send me feedback, requests and/or bug reports to coproscefalo@gmail.com ====================================== ...
Random Wordlist GeneratorRandom Wordlist Generator
Random Wordlist Generator is a simple multiplatform tool that allows you to create a wordlist of random words. You can generate random words using different sets of characters. With a mouse click yo ...
PeaZip is a cross-platform, desktop neutral file archiver utility that provides an unified portable GUI (Qt and GTK2) for many Open Source technologies like 7-Zip, FreeArc, PAQ, UPX... Create 7Z, A ...
Folder synchronization and backup tool for KDE Features: - Smart folder comparison - Its only dependency is KDE - Ease of use - Multithreading - Multiple types of operations - Sequential wor ...
Systemd control module for KDE Systemd control module for KDE. Provides a graphical frontend for the systemd daemon, which allows for viewing and controlling systemd units, as well as modifying con ...
Change CPU and I/O Priorities with Python! - CPUs / HDDs Priority Manager - 200 lines of Python 3 + Qt 5, single-file, 1 Dependency, easy use. - Inspired by KDE KSysGuard and the dead KNice( http ...
This is Octopi, a powerful Pacman frontend using Qt (4/5) libs, compatible with Antergos, Arch Linux, ArchBang, Chakra, KaOS, Manjaro, mooOS and Netrunner Rolling. You'll need a privilege escalatio ...
virtenv is a QT4 application that configures and starts a virtual machine based on LXC. The container is run on a copy of your current filesystem, it uses its own X server, and you can configure the t ...
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